Eurotalents: Arturs Zagars, the rise of the Latvian prodigy

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NAME: Arturs Martins Zagars

BORN: 4/21/2000


TEAM: Joventut Badalona


PHYSICAL: 6’3 ” ft for 167 lbs. Well-framed in the role of PG, he’s very mobile and quick with the ball, exploiting with a remarkable change of pace from the dribble too; this is combined with a great coordination and body control in order to keep a dynamic balance even in difficult game situations. He’s also particularly reactive with moves, even on defensive slips.

TECHNIQUE: very technically developed player on all points of view. The dribble isn’t particularly fast on the crossovers, but it’s very well controlled and is a primary weapon to create the advantage; moreover, his passing skills are at high level, for the versatility of use with both hands, for the timing and for the lectures, often winning for the teammates. Shooting technique is certainly the top of his repertoire: he is growing in terms of creation from the dribble on every range and shooting selection depending on the game situations, but basically, mechanic and release are really clean, lethal on the long range. His lack of centimeters and an athleticism just below the average don’t make him as a rebounder or an elite blocker, but there are rare cases which he makes his presence felt even close to the rim.

(FONTE: Saul Roel Basketball Youtube Channel; qui notiamo alcuni punti del repertorio offensivo, nello specifico il tiro dall’arco e la capacità di usare il pick&roll come pochi)

OFFENSE: not a natural scorer, but a more balanced player between individual scorer and the involvement of his teammates per possession. The isolation play is one of the greatest arrows to his bow: he doesn’t have a dribble or a disarming first step, but the change of pace and choice makes him have an almost always clean shots, that is a penetration for an easy lay-up ( where he also makes great use of the body to absorb contact) or a mid-long range shot; moreover, his repertoire includes an excellent use of the screen to create an advantage, above all playing the pick&roll or pick&pop with the teammates through his crucial and quick decisions. He isn’t a player off the ball who cuts to the basket to receive and put it on the bucket, he rather tries to come off the screens at the beginning of the action to receive on the perimeter and dictate his game. His style is also perfectly suited against the zone defense.

DEFENSE: honest defender, for the position he manages to keep on the court, always facing the opponent that is a man or zone defense. However, the sliding continuity and the difficulties in forcing the screen makes him in trouble, leading him to lose the defensive advantage especially in the penetrations and pick&roll situations. The defensive continuity cares also in lectures with the zone defense, where he hardly obstruct the lines of passage for the central buoy.

PERSONALITY: an incredible feel of the game in the matches, more the level is increasing more he can make accordingly. He’s a player with a team mentality, able to stand in the most difficult moments; leadership qualities are still in development.



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