Eurotalents: Deni Avdija, focus on the ’01 Israelian prospect

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 NAME: Deni Avdija

BORN: 1/3/2001


TEAM: Maccabi Tel Aviv


PHYSICAL: 6’6’’ ft per 176 lbs around. An average athlete overall very mobile, but still lacking a change of pace and explosiveness that can allow him to be disarming. Muscle development at the level of strength and mass is not yet enough to hold the physical confrontation with against the same role players, but the coordination of the body districts is very good. It also has a good laterality and a rather quick footwork.

TECHNIQUE: He has a dribble out of standards compared to the characteristics of a wing, fast and controlled enough to create an advantage, even if the first step and change of direction are still to work to be really unsettling. He’s not a first-class passer, although he is quite good at finding the passing lines out of traps, in pick-and-roll situations and drives to the basket, but also on fastbreaks. The shot is definitely an elite weapon: the direction of the feet is perpendicular to the movement, but the mechanics is very clean and quite fluid even in the execution with a good arc. He’s quite reactive as rebounder, making good use of his 204 cm, even if he doesn’t present the physical in order to compete against more solid players. Block: his elevation is not above average but can compete against guards thanks to a good blocking timing.

(Source: FIBA Youtube Channel)

OFFENSE: He’s a natural scorer facing the basket and versatile in solutions to beat the defense. In man-to-man he often aims to beat the man from the dribble rather than the first step and thanks to the control of the ball and the body can change solution even in penetration; he has a good construction of the shot from the dribble, especially on the long range. He makes a quite great use of the screen in P&R situations. However, it tends too much to trust in isolation solutions: this solution takes away rhythm and quickness to the continuity offense of the team and often leads the player to forced shots, which can be compensated by a greater development of the IQ and greater confidence in the team-mates. As a receiver he acts above all on the perimeter, not very mobile to give a line of passage on the cuts inside the area, and in fast transition. Against the zone defense, he acts much more like a shooter on the perimeter.

DEFENSE: Overall we talk about an honest defender. In the man-to-man situations, he doesn’t have a speed in the slidings and changes of side that allow him to fully keep the guards or players of the same role and he’s still struggling off the ball to guard more mobile players and to come off the screen. Despite this, he has a acceptable defensive position and through this, he can show potential IQ flashes off the ball as a potential stealer to push fast transitions.



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