Federico Miaschi: scouting report on ’00 italian shooting guard



BORN: 26/4/2000

WHERE: Genova

TEAM: Virtus Padova (Serie B)





BIOGRAPHY: He started playing basketball from an early age, inspired by father’s figure, who spent 5 years in youth team in Varese, and by family circle where basketball is the sport. His growth goes following youth basketball stigmas (fun first of all), then an important step comes through at 13 years old, when he moves to CAP Genova; at the end of the season 2013/14, he reaches the U14 National Tournament in Bormio where he leads the team at 6°place scoring 25.7 points per game and being inserted in the First Team of the tournament. The following season he moves to Venice, growing through the Reyer’s youth program and making the debut in Italian A League at 16 years and 9 months age: he scores his first two points, becoming the first ’00 born to make it. In this season, Reyer Venice loaned him to Padova to improve his skills in Italian B League: he’s averaging 9.5 points and 3.1 rebounds in 23′ with 44% in the perimeter and 30% beyond the arc. Along his youth career in Venice, he worked more on individual and weight training alternating team work; now in Padova he’s more focused on tactical area

PHYSICAL: 6’5’’ feet per 189 lbs. He’s a very mobile player, doesn’t grant any reference point to the defender; he owns a great coordination, added by nice stability and body control. He’s not highly quick: he can work on this tool through a power and explosiveness training to develop as athlete.

TECHNIQUE: his dribble his quitely high and sometimes difficult to control, still more he cares of a crushing first step to beat the defender, but he can express good change of direction adding an increasing rhythm change to create an advantage. He makes a great use of pass as mode, timing and lectures, even if he plays more as receiver than passer. Shooting is the most important force in his skillset, almost completely absorbed in the gesture itself and in the execution relative to the game situation: mechanic is not so fluid (he has tendence to break the movement when he puts the ball over the head to target the basket), but he’s fairly quick and efficient with an improving parable and great rotation of the ball, especially on long-range; he can use correctly both hands on lay-ups. He isn’t a rebounder above average, but his presence in the paint represent an added benefit; boxout is a deficit to be fixed up. He hasn’t block in his repertoire, except against undersized opponents.

OFFENSE: he’s a natural scorer able to create a line through the basket in different ways. In man-to-man situations he doesn’t succeed beating the defender by the use of first step, so he has always to take an advantage from the dribble, in transition or against defense, by a change direction or pac to unbalance his opponent; considering he often drives to the basket, isolation situations are a preferable solution. He owns a large repertoire of solutions, from penetration (excellent for aggressiveness in driving to the rim and body control for a soft lay-up) to the shoot off the dribble; he rarely attacks the center of the area, refering more the hands’ side. He can also push fastbreaks too. He’s a nice shooter off the ball for perimeter flushes off the screen or set positioned; normally he has a clever handle of the ball, but he should select better his shoots.

Here some examples of Miaschi’s offensive and technical skillset, especially in man-to-man situations where he struggles to beat the defender by use of first step, but he’s whimsical in changing solution to create a shoot(fonte: Euroleague Basketball)

DEFENSE: it’s quite difficult to frame him as an elite defender. He’s very good defending on the ball, per aggressiveness and control of opponents’ moves through sliding, but he suffers on changes of direction against quicker opponents and struggles to come off the screen to keep the contact; he absolutely work on his defense off the ball because he’s more focused on the ball than keep a balanced eye between ball and opponent: this leads him in risky hedges can clear some spaces for an opponent’s shoot or to definitely lose his rival in offensive move of the ball. He has a better check of the situation in a zone defense, but he should develop his readings when zone defense breaks.

PERSONALITY: He’s a reliable player for his teammates that give in his hands many shoots, he always to deserve every single minute on the court and he has “feel of the game” coming out in resolutive breaks or hard moments of the match. He could be a potential leader but he should aquire more charism and experience, but especially converse more with his mates on the court.


COVER IMAGE: credits to fiba.basketball


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