Focus Giovani: Ursulo D’Almeida, the ’01 rising prospect of Treviglio

Giovani Made in Italy Rubriche


BORN: 2/11/2001

WHERE: Adinhingon (Benin)


TEAM: Remer Blu Basket Treviglio


PHYSICAL: 6-7 ft per 191 lbs. He’s like a typical undersized big man, considering he’s playing as 5 rotation in Treviglio’s system; he’s more mobile and explosive close to the basket, in addition to a well built up footwork. Control and clever use of the body are other traits he has in his skill set, but playing as C, his aim is to building up and working on absorbing contacts: in fact, he’s struggling against stronger and more massive players, very frequent in his role.

TECHNIQUE: he has many improvements to do in this area. His handling is limited in creating from post-up and low-post situation, in addition to transition and fastbreak, and his passing skills are not so applied: this fact is due to his tactical use and imply other kinds of developing, less linked to technical set. His shooting is a skill in which he has to work hard: mechanic is quite raw, especially in the partial release and out of trajectory, but in youth competitions, he acquired the capability to score off the catch and as a creator for every range, beyond the arc included. Rebounding is a strong point in his repertoire: explosiveness on the legs and constant mobility in the paint make him a tough player to guard, especially in the offensive side where he’s tremendously efficient as a 2nd chance scorer. His athleticism gives him the tools to be a potential rim protector, considering he has a great timing in blocks.

Ecco alcuni aspetti del gioco di D’Almeida a livello giovanile: post-basso, transizione, tiro dalla media.

OFFENSE: he’s more a finisher than a creator. The situations in which he can construct his own man-to-man are really rare, that is front or back to the basket, even if he demonstrated to do it well in youth competitions, showing his strengths through use of the body and footwork. Playing with pros, he can favor team’s motion offense operating off the ball: he can complete as a finisher the pick&roll, has reactive moves to end up-down passes and can close transition and fastbreaks. Developing his physical, he could build up his own basketball, from which he can upgrade his tactical role and game comprehension: IQ is another point to make good in his repertoire. His mobility off the ball can give good passing lines to break zone defense.

DEFENSE: he demonstrates energy and application. In man defense, he’s limited against same role player with a more massive body cos of his strength and muscle level below average but can cover guards’ drives from perimeter focusing also on crossovers and pace changes. He usually switches on screenplays and has a useful hedge and recover attitude, even if he should start to get the hang of defensive rotations; can show flashes of defensive IQ off the ball: his long arms facilitate efficient steals to push in transition in 1v0 and 2v1 situations. He makes a constant application of the box-out.

Qui vediamo l’atletismo dominante del giocatore di origini beninensi in difesa: ottimo il timing per la stoppata, decisivo nelle situazioni di aiuto


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