Nico Mannion, focus on ’01 Italian future rising star

Focus Giovani Made in Italy Rubriche


BORN: 3/14/2001


TEAM: Pinnacle High School


Risultati immagini per nico mannion fiba

PHYSICAL: 6’2’’ ft per 175 lbs. For sure strength and body muscle levels are key component to work on, considering he’s in the middle of his basketball growth and this is a crucial part for is role, and he can grow some inches more; having said that, he owns a terrific athleticism, especially with explosiveness in lower limbs, and uncommon change of pace compared to same age players that makes him so dangerous with ball in the hands. Wide system coordination and body control are at an advanced level too. In the end, he presents a notable mobility off the ball and well-positioned sense on the court to be a turning point whom with teammates can lean on.

TECHNICAL:The dribble is well developed with the great use of both hands, even if it’s not so quick and disarming by crossovers as in elite handlers case, focusing more on his first step to create an advantage; however, it’s a technical fundamental can be worked on to equate quickness and ball-handling. He’s intriguing as a passer: despite his natural instinct as a scorer, he makes a great use of this skill, being able to pass in every way and to involve unattached and better-positioned mates to keep the advantage by dishing close to or far from the rim, or by outlet pass. His shooting technique is really efficient as jumper and off the dribble: body gravity center is highly loaded for shooting with not alongside feet (right slightly over), but mechanic is really smooth and well executed on mid and long-range in every game situation, because of his tactical aspect being more developed than his Italian own age. Rebounding is disadvantageous for his size and solidity, but it’s counterbalanced by his excellent athleticism, even if he isn’t so inclined to box-out movement.

(OFFENSE: As said before, Mannion is a natural scorer with a versatile and tremendously efficient skillset: he can vary every solution from the dribble, even if he’s inclined in drives from P&R situations where his burning first step and explosiveness can make dribble spinning to the basket and creating an advantage over the screen; his great game comprehension is encouraging not only for self-solution but also for teammates through winning passes and dishes on perimeter. As receiver, he can always move to have the ball and take control of the situation, but at the same time, he can support continuity offense to keep the advantage after the first drive. He can push fastly the transition thanks to his athletic skills and his IQ is crucial against zone defense too.

SOURCE: Italhoop YouTube Channel

DEFENSE: Overall the ‘01 prospect owns great defensive skills, especially in man-to-man situations: in fact he’s a great stealer leveraging on his quick and reactive hands and a well-balanced and aggressive position and this makes him able to steal the ball on hand and direction chance of the opponent; he demonstrates collaboration attitude in traps to take the ball and push immediately transition for a quick basket. Moreover, he’s well-positioned and reactive off the ball against the zone defense, where he can develop more on lectures and rotations.

PERSONALITY: He’s a leader able to take responsibilities for himself and teammates, which trust him for his knowledge of the game and his high-level efficiency and efficacy. For sure he can grow to be an elite PG, but most of all it will depend from his future choice, that is the major college that can make him develop as played and ambitious for the top.


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