Sekou Doumbouya: scouting report on the ’00 French forward



BORN: 23/12/2000

WHERE: Conakry (Guinea)

TEAM: Poitiers Basket 86 (LNB Pro B)


BIOGRAPHY: Born in Guinea, he arrived with his family in France when he was a child, finding home in the middle of the Val-de-Loire, in the town of Fleury-les-Aubrais. The first part of his sports career began with football, with good personal results, but he was already high enough, so at 12 years old he tried with basketball: he liked and started playing in the club of his hometown, the CJF Les Aubrais. At the beginning, he positioned on the court as a pivot: he showed good hands and a fairly good hook, besides he already dunked during trainings. Physically he is already far ahead of his peers, to the point that the main center of the formation of young French talents, the INSEP Paris, noticed and recruited him. Sekou played there for two years, until now: at 16 age, he has already signed his first professional contract at Poitiers.

PHYSICAL: 6’9’’ feet per 210 lbs. This is the most impressive feature in his repertoire as a player: he has physical characteristics out of the ordinary, especially athleticism and explosiveness. The body verticality and the complete control, combined with coordination and extent of the movements, is striking too; he has also a very fast footwork and good use of both hands. It is difficult to develop further: the athlete’s task now is to keep these physical qualities and preserve them while keeping up with basketball maturity.

TECHINQUE: The dribble is speed but not disarming to beat the defender; he’s capable to use crossovers, but he hasn’t a full control of this fundamental yet, especially when he has to start off or under pressure. He’s able to pass in all possible ways in basketball teaching but he doesn’t often apply this fundamental, preferring the isolation for a man-to-man to go to the basket or shoot. Speaking off shooting, he’s a streaky shooter, even if this fundamental isn’t fully assimilated yet, as accuracy and continuity: although the result is always a very high arching moon-ball jumper, the preparation is rather slow and the mechanic of the gesture, as the rotation of the ball, changes way every time depending on the distance and the way in which it’s created, whether it’s set or dribble jump shot; his shot selection is focused more on lay-up or hook shots, but he’s also able to score even with a larger shot range. He makes his presence at rebound on both sides, relying almost exclusively on its instinct and length, but he’s good with box-out and sliding against more physical defenders. Even the block is one of his strongest points, but he must learn to carefully choose the right timing to jump, trying not to bite on fakes.

OFFENSE: It’s indisputable the boy’s propensity, as well as the ability to change the solution to which is added the stiffness to be a scorer. Man-to-man situation surely plays in his favor: he’s a forward that prefers isolation, not taking advantage of screens, he makes a great use of his long first step to beat his defender: in this way, he seems unstoppable, attacking straight the rim to nail two points without giving any chance of recovery or hedges. However, he has no body control and little confidence to stop and trying jump shot, because of his own shooting technique not again completely picked out. Thanks to the quick use of the feet and the long levers, he isn’t afraid of matching athletes 4-5 in low post, because of his hook shot, not so clean but very effective. He exalts himself driving fast break and transition, giving free outpouring to its physical tools. He’s unriped and instinctive as QI level, being in the basketball since just 5 years, and has a lot of difficulties in attacking the defenses in the area and playing readings with his teammates, often bringing turnovers.

DEFENSE: He has an interesting potential: his physics allows him to cover four roles, from shooting guards to pivot; he can cover penetrations and keep the position against changes of direction and speed of more agile players. He has an excellent timing for hedges, often forcing the opponent to shoot causing consequent mistake or block: this is useful not only in individual defense, but with zone defense too, probably the one where tactically he’s more comfortable. He isn’t a particularly aggressive defender, but he doesn’t hesitate to put the body to limit the advantage of the opponent. He has absolutely to improve the understanding of the game, being in trouble reading the movements of opponents, adapting to change and having a sense of position.

PERSONALITY: he certainly doesn’t lack the face and the will to apply to further improve on gaps; he’s a player capable of daring and often wants the ball, but he must learn more to play and create for his teammates yet: despite +0.2 asm compared to the previous season, HOB is still low (14.7 / 100) although it increased by 2.5% from 2016; there is also a slight drop in the FIC of -0.8 points over the past season.


COVER IMAGE: credits to

Federico Gaibotti

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